Connect Heroku & Datadog Logs

Markus Springer
3 min readJan 3, 2022

I’ve been using Heroku for quite some time now and I’m still amazed by how everything is working just out of the box and you just avoid the struggling with setting up a complete CI/CD for your applications.

What makes it so easy to use it a concept called buildpacks. Nothing completely new, but it changes everything. And Heroku has plenty of them!

While creating my new Startup called “Boardbuddy”

I was looking for a good log provider. As the application is growing very quickly I had to not rely on the very basic Heroku logs directly inside the Admin Panel.

There are plenty of log providers which can be easily set up via the AppStore in Heroku. Just a single click and everything is working. But there is a downside. There is no Datadog App with just a single click install.

But there are buidlpacks provided by datadog which unfortunately do not cover the full installation process which in the end took my hours to get it working.


  • Spring Boot Application
  • Heroku Pipeline for Staging and Production


Have an overview within datadog with a single service but with different environments. So that I can filter on certain Environments and get always the correct logs.

Let’s start with the installation:

Follow this buildpack installation guideline.

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